The Shortest Path in the AI Maze: A Guide to Conquering Challenges & Maximizing Results

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Overview Our VP of Brand & Creative, Mark Heaps, recently joined the Emerj AI in Business Podcast and discussed the challenges businesses face when developing and deploying AI models. These challenges include: Infrastructure Setup: Building a robust infrastructure to support scalable AI capabilities is a significant challenge. The current state of enterprise AI is comparable to […]

Meet Groq™ Compiler Solutions for a symbiotic software-hardware ecosystem

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Meet Groq™ Compiler Solutions for a symbiotic software-hardware ecosystem Written by: Andrew Ling The compute industry has a problem. Accelerating architectural complexity (multi-core, etc.) has shifted the burden of managing that complexity over to software developers, creating an explosion of frameworks, programming models, and libraries, particularly where the functionality of each methodology or framework overlaps […]

Groq Launches GroqFlow™: Radically Simplifying Model Building for GroqChip™

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It just got a lot easier to get started with Groq technology with GroqFlow! GroqFlow, our automatic toolflow for mapping machine learning workloads to GroqChip™, is now launched on GitHub.Watch this 3-minute video to learn how you can get started with just one line of code, then head over to GitHub to check it out […]

Groq at ISCA 2022

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Startup Presents Second Paper on Novel Approach to Large-scale Machine Learning Read the paper In June 2022, Groq presented its second paper in three years, A Software-defined Tensor Streaming Multiprocessor for Large-Scale Machine Learning, at the 2022 International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA). Want to learn more?  Read the abstract below Download the paper Watch the paper’s overview […]

Groq Receives Comparably Award for Best Leadership Team Based on Employee Reviews

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Groq has been recognized with the 2022 Best Leadership Team Award from Comparably. The award is based on aggregate responses from current employees over the past 12 months.  Groq was ranked #27 out of thousands of companies in the SMB category, based on data compiled from over 15 million ratings across 70,000 companies. Jonathan Ross, […]

Why Groq – Michelle Donnelly

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As someone who is customer-obsessed and a “growth hacker,” I’ve joined Groq as Chief Revenue Officer. During my time as a sales and go-to-market leader at Salesforce, one of the largest global cloud-based SaaS companies, the holy grails of trust, customer success, and innovation led to impressive revenue growth. I am extraordinarily proud of my […]

Why Groq – Jim Miller

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My career has taught me that most people will ask for what they know. So when they get something unexpected, and better than what they had in mind, it feeds creativity and what I like to call a “virtuous cycle.” I saw this from the beginning of my career during the early stages of the […]

Why Groq – Igor Arsovski

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Groq is always hiring for talent density. We value sharing about our culture and talent transparently, so we sat down with Igor Arsovski, Fellow, to talk about his journey to Groq. Let’s start with the core question, why Groq?Over the course of my career, I’ve had access to some of the compute industry’s most challenging […]

Why Groq – San Mehat

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I’ve always joked that I was born 10 years too late to participate in the microcomputer revolution of the 1980s and 300 years too early to participate in deep space exploration.  Instead, I grew up on a farm in the 80’s while my parents ran a computer store out of their basement. At eight years […]

Responsibility at the Core

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Twenty years ago when I was a graduate student at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab, I burned the midnight oil trying to get neural networks running as control systems for Mars rovers. Sadly, this didn’t work at all. The idea was solid, but as it turned out, there just wasn’t sufficient computing power to make […]


It just got a lot easier to get started with Groq technology with GroqFlow! GroqFlow, our automatic toolflow for mapping machine learning workloads to GroqChip™, is now launched on GitHub.Watch this 3-minute video to learn how you can get started with just one line of code, then head over to GitHub to check it out […]

From the Cave to the Customer: Lessons from My First 100 Days at Groq


My name is Lev Zlotnik and I’m a Machine Learning Development Specialist at Groq. My focus is helping customers achieve real-time AI – running their workloads on GroqChip™ to realize the fastest time-to-solution with the single push of a button. That’s the vision; and from what I’ve been able to see and do at Groq, […]

Groq Gives Hope

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What else does the team at Groq do besides simplify compute for the world? They give back; as they should. In celebration of Companies that Care Day, I wanted to shine the spotlight about how the Groq team decided to become Champions for Children this past Holiday Season.  Due to COVID-19 infection control, Lucile Packard […]

Honoring Women of the Past, Hearing Women of the Present

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Each year, the month of March is dedicated to honoring the countless contributions that women have made to history and to contemporary society. As I reflect on the trailblazers that led the way for change, I think about the women I’m surrounded by here at Groq. These are the next generation trailblazers.  At Groq, we […]

Hello Canada! New AI Opportunities in Toronto

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We just keep growing. As Groq continues its amazing trajectory, we’re excited to expand our footprint in Toronto, Canada. My roots are in Canada, where I attended the University of Waterloo in Ontario, studying Electrical Engineering. Toronto has become a hotbed for innovation in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning.  Toronto is also […]

Come Join Our Elite Team of AI Innovators

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Artificial Intelligence is exploding. And with it comes amazing new careers in computational engineering, semiconductor development, systems integration and data science. The technology seekers, thinkers and doers in these fields all have an insatiable curiosity for knowing the unknown and innovating in never-before-thought-of ways. They are literally reimagining compute. At Groq, this is what we […]

The Shortest Path to Performance

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With over 1,000 attendants and more than 100 speakers, the AI Summit is the industry event for the AI hardware ecosystem. The event offers unique perspectives from industry luminaries and market perspectives.  On September 29th, 2020, Jonathan Ross, Groq’s co-Founder and CEO delivered one of the keynotes at the event. He did this on the day […]

ISCA 2020 Conference


We introduce the Tensor Streaming Processor (TSP) architecture, a functionally-sliced microarchitecture with memory units interleaved with vector and matrix deep learning functional units. This architecture also takes advantage of dataflow locality of deep learning operations. The TSP is built based on two key observations: (1) machine learning workloads exhibit abundant data parallelism, which can be […]

Groq Adds Responsiveness to Inference Performance to Lower TCO

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Running a batch size of one, which refers to computations on a single image or sample during inference processing, is a valuable option for many machine learning workflows – particularly those that require real-time responsiveness. However, small batch sizes and batch size 1 introduce a number of performance and responsiveness complexities to machine learning applications, […]