@rowancheung Hey @rowancheung, another competitive difference is responsiveness. LLMs run faster on Groq®’s LPU™ chips than any other hardware, so if you want better answers fast let @elonmusk know that you want @xai to run at #GroqSpeed. That, or you can wait, and wait, and wait for them to…


Ultra-fast, Enterprise-scale Inference AI Solutions for LLMs & Beyond

Powered by hardware and software.
USA-based. Available now.

Groq offers ultra-fast LPU™ systems and a simplified software ecosystem to accelerate inference, maximizing human capital and technology performance.

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AI Summit NYE White Logo

AI Summit 2023

New York, New York
Dec 6, 2023
—Dec 7, 2023
The AI Summit New York is the only event in North America dedicated to the scalable implementation of AI for business with discernible and actionable takeaways for your organization.
ConferenceLogo EDS

CDCA Eastern Defense Summit

Charleston, SC
Dec 6, 2023
—Dec 7, 2023
The Summit’s theme, “Collaborating on actionable solutions for our nation’s pacing threats,” highlights the growing strategic threats to the United States and represents the necessity to envision near-term solutions to such challenges.
ConferenceLogo DODIIS

DoDIIS Worldwide

Portland, OR
Dec 12, 2023
—Dec 14, 2023
The theme of this year’s conference – Chaos to Clarity: Leveraging Emerging Technologies – represents the necessity to employ technical breakthroughs to deliver intelligence and battlefield advantage. Making sense of exponentially increasing volumes and varieties of information at the speed of mission is key to success in the era of strategic competition.
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