Building the compute for the next generation of high performance machine learning.

Groq delivers industry leading performance and sub-millisecond latency with efficient, software-driven solutions for compute-intensive applications. We’re redefining compute by focusing on key technology innovations: software-defined compute, silicon innovation and developer velocity.


Software-defined Compute

Software-defined compute is a new system design where the control of execution and power is moved from the hardware to the compiler. The compiler choreographs the operation of the hardware, resulting in fast and predictable performance on current and future workloads. The tight control provided by this architecture leads to the deployment of better and faster models using industry standard frameworks.


Developer Velocity

The simplicity of the Groq system architecture eliminates the need for hand optimization and specialized device knowledge, boosting developer performance and effectiveness.


Delivering Silicon Innovation

Reimagining a solution requires innovating products and processes. Groq is taking bold steps to develop software and hardware products that defy conventional approaches, instead focusing on the agility and scalability our customers require.


Be part of the future of simplified, high performance compute.