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Why Groq – Michelle Donnelly

As someone who is customer-obsessed and a “growth hacker,” I’ve joined Groq as Chief Revenue Officer. During my time as a sales and go-to-market leader

Jonathan Ross: ‘Every. Word. Matters.’

This interview was originally published in EE|Times Weekend. Reposted with permission. Jonathan Ross is Groq’s founder and CEO. Prior to founding Groq, he began what became

Jim Miller

Why Groq – Jim Miller

My career has taught me that most people will ask for what they know. So when they get something unexpected, and better than what they

Why Groq San Mehat

Why Groq – San Mehat

I’ve always joked that I was born 10 years too late to participate in the microcomputer revolution of the 1980s and 300 years too early

Why Groq – Igor Arsovski

Groq is always hiring for talent density. We value sharing about our culture and talent transparently, so we sat down with Igor Arsovski, Fellow, to

Year of the Compiler

I’ve had an eye-opening month and I have three stories to share. Groq recently kicked off the release of our “early adopter” SDK, marking Groq