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Today, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and high performance computing (HPC) are transforming industries. With HPC converging massive simulations with AI and ML training and inference models, Groq is the perfect solution for any market looking to capitalize on their massive data sets to improve their total cost of ownership (TCO). If you value low latency and high throughput with determinism, talk to us.

Computer Vision

Ensemble of models

Real-time detection

Scheduled QoR for multi-sensor systems


High memory bandwidth balanced with compute and high performance at batch 1

Support for large multi-chip, scalable models


Linear algebra based computations: Vector-Vector, Vector-Matrix, Matrix-Matrix

Large memory for large input and intermediate data, High bandwidth IO for transfer of intermediate data



Reduced cycle times and improved accuracy.

Financial applications such as trading strategies, fraud detection, and automated customer service all require high performance, low latency, and determinism. Traditionally, mass amounts of historical data are required to build trend analysis. But decisions have to be made real-time so no lag is acceptable. Leveraging Groq technology means reduced quant cycle times and improved accuracy for the financial industry. This enables enhanced, real-time risk management and trading strategies that use real-time data rather than relying solely upon historical data. And while throughput and latency are critical, maybe most important is scale. Since our chips are deterministic and the nodes are all connected via RealScale™ chip-to-chip technology, they scale linearly, with the lowest latency. This also enables lower chip counts and power savings with data not being moved unnecessarily.

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Science & Government


Enabling reliable and resilient scaling of massive AI and HPC converged systems.

Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and Augmentation (AAA) are changing all aspects of government, scientific research, autonomous systems, and HPC. From raw data to actionable insights, defense systems improvements, cybersecurity, disease tracking, logistics and supply chain optimization, and preventative maintenance, all benefit when AI is applied to existing data and systems.

Determinism, low latency, and high performance enable new real-time applications leveraging the power of AI in ways not available before. As HPC and ML convergence accelerates, Groq low latency batch 1 inference and high performance compute scales from chip to board to rack level deployments. Traditional AI chips, when scaled out into a big system, have massive amounts of SRAM creating a target for radiation induced errors. Groq’s architecture uses error correction on all the memories and busses, protecting data at rest and in transit. Scaling out with Groq prevents calculation errors or system outages due to environmental induced errors, leaving you with more reliable and resilient AI and HPC converged systems.

Autonomous Systems​


Sense, plan, act. In real-time.

Autonomous vehicles and automotive ADAS (advanced driver-assistance systems) rely on tools such as LIDAR, cameras, and sensors gathering real-time data for image resolution, decision making, and ultimately user’s safety. These applications rely on low latency, performance, and accuracy for the critical tasks of detecting objects in surroundings, classifying them, and sending commands for action at the fastest possible speed. Groq hardware solutions provide seamless performance in these critical applications by allowing accurate detection and classifications of sensor data.



Low latency and increased accuracy for improved quality and throughput, all at the lowest cost.

AI-based machine vision industrial systems allow for predictive maintenance, providing an opportunity for reducing downtimes and assuring a high level of quality through early anomaly and error detection during manufacturing. This enables automatic inspection and analysis for applications including automatic inspection, process control, and robotic guidance by using image processing via computer vision models. Industrial automation brings with it an increase in the amount of data that is generated. If used intelligently, this data can be optimized with Groq technology to process and analyze imagery, improving quality and manufacturing throughput.

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Oil & Gas


Remote deployment of real-time, high performance compute - from ship to data center.

Oil and gas production continues to utilize higher precision seismic models with improved power and performance requirements with predictive maintenance analysis. Low latency and high-performance machine learning solutions allow faster and more accurate data analysis, accelerating exploration with real-time results and lowering TCO, while Operations & Maintenance use of AI improves production output by minimizing costly downtime through failure prediction modeling. Groq’s low latency, deterministic architecture enables off-shore compute and on-shore data center scalability meeting the diverse needs of this unique industry.

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