Groq First to Announce Performance Advantage Results With STAC-ML™ Markets (Inference) Benchmark, Meeting Needs of Financial Services Industry

Today, the Securities Technology Analysis Center (STAC®) published audited benchmarking results from Groq for the financial industry, showcasing ultra-low latency, especially at low batch sizes such as batch 1. Over the last few years, the financial services industry has been asking vendors to show performance numbers on market-specific workloads. Amongst the compute incumbents in the […]

Cybersecurity Is Entering The High-Tech Era

There’s a sea change underway in how the federal government—specifically the Defense Department—is going to approach cybersecurity. It’s one that’s going to create a more fluid and more complex landscape in which cybersecurity firms and technologies need to be ready to operate—a landscape in which speed can’t be sacrificed for the sake of precision, or […]

US Army Analytics Group Confirms 1000x Performant Cybersecurity Technology by Entanglement AI™, Run on Groq™ Hardware, Advancing National Security Systems

Using Groq hardware, Entanglement AI solves cybersecurity anomaly detection three orders of magnitude faster than traditional methods, US Army Validation Report confirms. Demonstrates a dramatically faster and more accurate cybersecurity anomaly detection capability – with far better accuracy and fewer false positives – than any known technology. Groq now has multiple customers across verticals who […]

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Today, Groq announced a new partnership with customer OneNano, a next generation cryptocurrency exchange (CEX) platform founded by leaders with decades of experience in financial and high-speed trading.