Where training ends and business begins.

Inference uses input data to solve real-world challenges, enabling businesses to compete in a world abundant with data, demanding real-time insights at an accelerated time-to-production. Training was the necessary investment when building your AI strategy. Now, it’s time to turn data into profit, operationalizing your production-ready workloads and models to help with real-world and real-time decision making.

It’s time for inference.

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I deploy AI systems

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Learn about our
software-defined hardware.

With production-ready workloads and models, now you need inference.

Groq took a software-first approach to compiler and hardware design, recapturing software simplicity and automated AI/ML/HPC programming for anyone integrating Groq hardware solutions into their chip or scaled heterogeneous system, creating a synergistic software-hardware ecosystem.


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Learn about our easy-to-use
software suite.

At Groq we obsess over reduced developer complexity–getting AI workloads from functional to production-optimized as fast as possible.

Our easy-to-use software tool suite delivers optimal control over our hardware. Groq™ Compiler not only makes models machine-readable, it runs models efficiently and exactly the same way every single time while GroqFlow™ is an automatic toolflow for mapping machine learning workloads to GroqChip™.


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Learn about our customer’s inference performance advantage.

While most AI companies are focused on the training phase, or learning from patterns within large sets of data, inference is about exploiting the discovered patterns by executing models to gain business insights.

Groq advances systems to deliver real-time AI for real-world advantages.