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Delivering real-time, low latency solutions

Group 1 1

Real-time &
High-frequency Trading

High accuracy filtering and pattern matching at 1000x speed for reduced time to strategy.

Group 1 2


Increase the speed and accuracy of quantitative analysis and backtesting with high throughput linear algebra and machine learning models. 

Group 1 3

& Security

Fewer false positives using more advanced models, in real-time, with extremely low latency at high throughput. 

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See our technology solutions in action for some of the most common financial service models.

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Accelerating Financial Risk

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Linear Algebra​

Advantages & Benefits

Groq Uniquely Helps In Ways Other Solutions Simply Cannot

  • Uniquely consistent, low, and deterministic latency
  • Multi-model capabilities for higher accuracy without sacrificing Service Level Agreements, enabled by chaining multiple models with no data load or transfer delay
  • Purpose-built linear algebra pipeline throughput for unbeatable backtesting times
  • Scaling with near-linear performance and latency
  • Simplicity of development by setting flags and often just one line of code to port your model to Groq

Value Delivered

  • Higher accuracy without impacting Service Level Agreements, delivering higher customer satisfaction
  • More features added without impacting Service Level Agreements or complex development costs
  • Dramatically improve overall performance, lessening time to trading strategy
  • Reduced total cost of ownership by beating current solutions while using less hardware

Meet Groq

Groq will be at the following industry-leading events. If you are attending, reach out and schedule a time to meet.

stac summit
October 19, 2022 - New York City
November 10, 2022 - London

STAC events bring together CTOs and other industry leaders responsible for solution architecture, infrastructure engineering, application development, machine learning/deep learning engineering, data engineering, and operational intelligence to discuss important technical challenges in trading and investment.

Nov 13 - 18, 2022
Dallas, TX - Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center

The International Conference for High-Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis.

ai ny
December 7 - 8, 2022
New York - Javits Center, NYC

The AI Summit New York is the only event in North America dedicated to the scalable implementation of AI for business with discernible and actionable takeaways for your organization.

Groq validates that it is developing disruptive technology that can address rapidly expanding AI and ML opportunities with the ability to drive powerful use cases...
—Futurum Research
Groq is unique at providing predictable low latency at scale for real-time AI, ML, and HPC applications. The team has a deep heritage and proven track record in developing large-scale solutions to address the data center needs of tier-1 customers and partners.
—Dr. Ford Tamer
Groq Board of Directors, Former President and CEO of Inphi
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