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We offer purpose-built inference solutions for real-time #AI at scale. Our hardware & software ecosystem includes the world’s first Language Processing Unit™ system for AI, Groq™ Compiler, and more


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The Speed of Iteration Is the Speed of Innovation

Why is Groq offering this?

It’s time for software developers to get their hands on Groq from the comfort of their cave. You can now sign up to gain the first public access to GroqFlow and our SDK v.0.9.0. 

While this is an alpha release, we want developers like you to try Groq so we can build the best experience possible, together. This is because one of our key principles is to share rough drafts early. While this isn’t necessarily a rough draft, it’s not a fully polished product. Instead, it’s something we’re iterating on and improving, and we’re looking to share it with you in order to make it as good as it can be.

What to expect

  • You’ll get access to download and install an alpha release of the Groq Developer Tools Package.
  • OS requirements are Linux Ubuntu (18.04, 22.04) or Redhat (8.4).
  • Take a recommended model (see below), port it to our deterministic architecture, and you’ll know your exact on-chip performance at compilation time.
  • No cost and minimal time invested, you can see how easy it is to get your model working on Groq.

Recommended Models

We welcome you to our alpha release. The below list of HuggingFace models work off-the-shelf on Groq™ Compiler, demonstrate the breadth of possibility, and are what we recommend you try to start with. Today’s goal is for you to try GroqFlow with a supported model to explore the Groq developer experience. If you’re not able to compile or if you don’t get the performance you were hoping for, let us know because we do have capabilities for specialized tuning.