Our fabulous EAs think of fun ways for GroqStars to meet one another, no matter where they live around the world. Speed friendship participants discovered a host of common interests, from cooking and hiking to woodworking and meditation.
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Watch @DennisAbts, @GroqInc Chief Architect and Fellow, present on Groq’s #ISCA2022 paper, A Software-defined Tensor Streaming Multiprocessor for Large-Scale Machine Learning:
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Our team is what matters

A lot of what we do is ask what is the fundamental thing we wish we could do better and we commit to fixing that.
—Jonathan Ross, CEO

We think talent is as important as product. Sure, an interesting product helps you hire talented people, but talented people create the most innovative products.

At Groq, we are literally reimagining AI and machine learning at scale. We’re a company of inventors. But we do more than innovate, we commit to helping each other innovate. It doesn’t matter whose idea it is.

We are all dedicated to first principles and working as a team. This takes intellectual honesty and not always being comfortable. Because not being comfortable is how you grow. And how you innovate.

If you think you’re the smartest person in the room, we’re not interested.

If you’re humble, passionate and interested in growing, learning, and working as a team, you’ll fit right in.

Let’s go!

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