Our fabulous EAs think of fun ways for GroqStars to meet one another, no matter where they live around the world. Speed friendship participants discovered a host of common interests, from cooking and hiking to woodworking and meditation.
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Watch @DennisAbts, @GroqInc Chief Architect and Fellow, present on Groq’s #ISCA2022 paper, A Software-defined Tensor Streaming Multiprocessor for Large-Scale Machine Learning:
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Investors & Partners

Using the Groq platform at Argonne, we were able to accelerate our efforts to identify promising COVID-19 drug candidates from a vast number of small molecules. The system’s AI capabilities enabled us to achieve significantly more inferences a second, reducing the time needed for each search from days to minutes.

—Tom Brettin, Computational Scientist at Argonne National Laboratory

Groq’s novel, disruptive architecture and outstanding team were among the core drivers behind Tru Arrow’s investment. The technology is making a significant impact on the fast-evolving worlds of high-performance computing and machine learning. We are excited to be partnered with them.

—James Rothschild, Co-founder, Tru Arrow Partners

We are more than doubling-down on our investment in Groq. Their elegant AI chipset architecture is impressive and will have a powerful impact for our planet. Scaling traditional compute consumes enormous energy. Groq’s solution delivers order-of-magnitude more efficient compute-per-energy performance at scale, thereby improving the carbon footprint of hyperscale data centers, an ideal about which TDK Ventures is very passionate.

—Nicolas Sauvage, Managing Director, TDK Ventures

We were impressed by Groq’s software first approach, innovative architecture, and focus on customer success.

—Scott Shleifer, Partner at Tiger Global Management


To date, Groq has raised a total of ​​$367 million. You can read about the most recent fundraising round here.