Our fabulous EAs think of fun ways for GroqStars to meet one another, no matter where they live around the world. Speed friendship participants discovered a host of common interests, from cooking and hiking to woodworking and meditation.
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Watch @DennisAbts, @GroqInc Chief Architect and Fellow, present on Groq’s #ISCA2022 paper, A Software-defined Tensor Streaming Multiprocessor for Large-Scale Machine Learning:
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To Grok: understand something intuitively or by empathy.

—Robert Heinlein

Groq has a growth mindset, not only for the technology we’re developing but also for our people we refer to as Groqstars. This means continuous growth and opportunities for managing, coaching, mentorship, and learning.

We call it gravity-defying development.

Lunch &

Everyone at Groq is invited to these 1 hour weekly virtual sessions. Attend to learn a new skill or topic – from survival in the woods to privacy-preserving machine learning – or present your own topic!


Get your home office up and running with our technology stipend, provided upon joining Groq. Continue learning and building skills of your choice with an annual learning stipend. 


G2 is Groq’s strategic incubator that deploys talent and business models to address company initiatives. Led by Estelle Hong, G2 was born out of Groq’s talent-first principle – holistically evaluating candidates and ensuring space for not only experienced hires, but also cultural fits.

All Hands

A monthly, virtual meeting led by CEO, Jonathan Ross sharing company updates on strategy, growth, and opportunities transparently.

Beers &

At these weekly virtual gatherings, all employees are invited to share their latest work via 5 minute demos for everyone to learn from.

Mentoring, &

Formal or informal, Groq offers a variety of opportunities for personal and professional development.


Committed to meeting talent where it lives, Groq is geo-agnostic. This means you can work remotely from where your life takes place, rather than Groq taking you from that place to work near headquarters. 

Town Halls

A monthly, virtual meeting whose agenda is driven by questions from anyone and everyone across the company. It’s a time to gather, inform, inquire, and learn!