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Meet Groq

Groq wasn’t born out of just some market opportunity.

Our inception started with the AI revolution’s arrival and its much bigger opportunity for impact – the potential to soon become a dominant global economic activity.

After designing the first TPU at Google, founder and CEO Jonathan Ross was concerned about the barrier to entry for others, so he wanted to create the opportunity for anyone to join in the AI economy.

At Groq, we’ve developed a new and innovative technology, which is now recognized by industry luminaries as revolutionary. Our initial customers span finance, industrial automation, cybersecurity, and scientific research for the leading government labs. Uniquely solving problems across such a wide range of markets is rare, even when you consider some of the established players. Our innovative deterministic single core streaming architecture lays the foundation for Groq compiler’s unique ability to predict exactly the performance and compute time for any given workload. The result is uncompromised low latency and performance, delivering real-time AI and HPC.

And that’s what you get when you build something novel and disruptive.

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